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Hochpreis-Telesales-Verkauf:2 Jahre
Umsatz für Auftraggeber:599.575 Tsd. €
Abschlussgespräche:200 Std.
Verkauf:2 Jahre
Bisherige Auftraggeber:1
Vorqualifizierung :
10.000 €-Abschlüsse:


Kaltakquise :
Vorqualifizierung :
Closen von warmen Leads :


Offen für Festanstellung:
Provision / Abschluss:500 €
Kapazitäten / Woche:'-25 Std.

Über mich

Dominik Kliska: High-Ticket Closer with competitive closing skills from Germany

WHAT I DO: I help make connections for people to grow in both personal and professional manners. I also close deals over the phone. I look forward to establish a long-term professional relationship and take your business to greater heights.

My services will ONLY benefit those who:

✔️ Have a genuine passion for impacting others

✔️ Have a legitimate product that can help people and companies grow exponentially

✔️ Have High Ticket offers

✔️ Are results orientated

Are you an entrepreneur, coach, consultant, or influencer that has so much warm leads that it’s more than you can handle yourself?
Do you feel that handling objections from prospects and working on your deals can be in time-consuming and energy draining?

If you think this sounds like you and you want to discuss with me personally about getting you the results that you want, then I’ll do that. Just send me a message and let’s find out how and if we can work together

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04.11.2018-20.12.2018 High Ticket Closer bei Dan Lok’s 7-Week High-Ticket Closer™ Certification Program

-Inbound Verkauf mit vorqualifizierten Leads


01.09.2019- Projektleiter bei MV Engineering


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