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Über mich

Hi I am Leon, 22 years old and extremely passionate about seeing other people grow and actualise their potential!

I can really say that I have made some crazy experiences so far, which deeply influenced me personally
and in the direction of my career:

As a backpacker, student and now digital nomad I’ve traveled to over 25 countries, worked abroad in door-to-door Sales in Australia and got to know the Spanish language and culture as an exchange student in Colombia.

Through investing in Crypto I made millions of euros & lost them again and was engaged as a Moderator in the Community of DeFichain, a crypto project built on Bitcoin aiming towards an open access towards decentralised financial markets & services.

During Covid I pursued a Bachelor of Business Administration, but quit my studies after 2 years, as I felt like at last I did not learn the practical skills to actually give value to others, that I had hoped for.

Though I did gain valuable skills during my Internship at TechQuartier, to which I look back as my most fulfilling work experience so far. I took full ownership of the Startup B2B Sales, worked collaboratively in the BizDev and Community teams and thrived in the demands of the fast paced & practical start-up world.

Now I am combining my passions for Personal Development and Communication in a Sales Career as an Ethical Closer, helping coaches, mentors and companies in the high-price sector to actualise their vision and customers to make the right decision for themselves based on their true needs.

ClosingCrypto & FinanceDigital Nomad & TravelMoney MindsetPersonal DevelopmentSettingStartup B2B Sales
Coachings, Trainings- und Beratungs-Produkte


02.2023-05.2023 Qualifikation zum Ethischen Verkäufer bei Ethical Closing Ausbildung powered by Chainless Life


04.2019-07.2019 Door to Door Sales bei Hello Fresh

Worked as a self-employed contractor for Hello Fresh, successfully executing a door-to-door sales offensive on the east coast. Received mentoring from team leads in daily pitch trainings on direct sales techniques.

05.2021-08.021 BizDev & Sales Intern bei Tech Quartier

Internship during my Business Administration studies:

– Mainly responsible for B2B Sales with interested startups
– Support with public tenders for a leading central bank & BMBF
– Project Management Assistance with the multi stakeholder project safeFBDC
– Data Management in Hubspot


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