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This is the public title of your job offer as seen by the sales experts.

Please select the languages in which the sales experts conduct sales conversations.
Just leave this field empty if the location is not important and sales experts can work from everywhere
Do you want the person(s) to work freelance on a commission basis or permanently with you?
Welche Aufgaben bestimmen das Stellenprofil primär?
Where will the high-price telephone salesperson be working for your company?
Do you sell more to businesses (B2B) or private individuals / consumers (B2C)?
Describe your job offer here. The better you describe the job, the more qualified applications you will receive.
Do you provide the sales experts with scripts for the sales talks (cold calling, pre-qualifying, closing)?
Wie viele Gespräche mit einem Interessenten sind durchschnittlich notwendig, um eine finale Entscheidung von diesem zu erhalten (Kauf / Absage)? (Einschließlich Follow-up-Gespräche)
How many calls are usually necessary to succeed / to close a deal (incl. follow-up calls)?
What is the approximate success rate in your sales calls?
How many people do not show up for the calls ("no show" rate)?
Wie viele Leads stellst du den Verkaufsexperten pro Woche im Schnitt zur Verfügung?
This is the minimum amount of commission the sales expert will receive for a closed deal in euros.
This is the maximum amount of commission in euros that sales experts can receive per deal.
What are the weekly working hours for the job?
Enter the application deadline for this job offer here.
Please enter the email address to which you would like to receive notifications of new applications.
How should applicants apply for the position? How do you want to receive applications? Explanation: Closerbase (recommended) = You receive applications including candidates' profiles directly on Closerbase. Website = Candidates apply on your website or via a recruiting system. Email = Candidates apply by sending you an email.
File formats: jpg, png. Recommended size: min. 1750 x 425 pixels.

Company Details

Enter the full company name here.
For how long does your company exist already?
How many customers have purchased a product with a net price of more than €1,000 from you in the last 12 months?
Enter the street and house number of your company headquarters here.
Enter the postcode of your company headquarters here.
Enter the city where your company is located here.
Enter here the contact person for filling the position in your company. The name will not be published.
Enter the telephone number of the contact person responsible for this job offer in your company. The number will not be published.
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