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Die Telefonnummer wird den Unternehmen angezeigt, wenn du dich auf deren Stellen bewirbst. In deinem Profil wird sie nicht angezeigt.

Please select the language in which you conduct sales calls
Max file size: 5 mb
Upolad an mp3 file (max file size: 10 mb), in which you present yourself. Recommended content: Short self-introduction, your education, your skills, your experience, your dream job, your dream sector / niche / target audience, call to action (write me a amessage, contact me). Recommended length: 30-60 seconds.
Bitte gib hier an, welche Tätigkeiten du für Auftrag- und Arbeitgeber ausüben möchtest.
Do you prefer selling to companies (B2B) or to consumers (B2C)?
That's the commission I expect to earn on commission-based jobs in euros. Please do not insert "." or "," in the numbers, just the "bare" numbers.
+ Add Education Tip: You can sort your entries by "drag & drop".
+ Add Experience Du kannst deine Einträge per "drag & drop" sortieren.
How many years of experience do you have in sales?
For how many years do you already work in high price telesales (products/services starting at € 2,000)?
How many euros of revenue have you generated for your clients so far? Please do not insert "." or "," in the numbers, just the "bare" numbers.
How many hours of closing conversations / closing calls have you already completed?
For how many clients/employers have you worked as a high price telesales agent already?
Do you have experience pre-qualifying prospects / leads (setting calls)?
Have you already sold products or services of a minimum price of € 10,000 (or $ 10,000)?
Attach a file to your resume (certificates e.g.). Max file size: 20 mb.
How many hours can you invest per week?
Are you open to a regular job (not self-employed)?