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David Torok Closer with 3+ years of exp with marketing offers

Budapest, Hungary
Experience Score: 57 / 100


High price telesales:3 years
Revenue for clients:50k €
Sales:3 years
Pre-qualification :
10,000 € deals:


Cold calling:
Pre-qualification :
Closing of warm leads:


Open for permanent employment:
Capacities / week:70 hrs

About me

I’ve learned everything I know about selling through my own freelancing marketing business, 3 years ago. Cold Emails/Outreaches, Appointment settings, Cadence, Qualifications, Sales Mapping, How to present the offer properly, How to craft Logical and Emotional arguments properly, Psychological triggers, How to build out trust, Tonality, Closing, Follow ups, etc…

Although I am able to generate appointments and deals from cold outreach as well, I think my biggest strength and where I can give you the greatest value is the closing phase – that is why I’m looking for this type of job.

If the leads are provided and I have to reach out to them might be suitable as well, but the best scenario is that if the leads had already gone through some kind of funnel and booked an appointment by the time I first contact them, so I can literally close them in the first call.

Any company/deal with these qualifications considered a great opportunity for me and I would love to close for them, but marketing agencies, high ticket coaching offers and SaaS companies are highly favored, because of their short sales cycle and my personal interest.

Although I aim for a high closing rate, I have a profound qualification process and a strong win-win mentality: I sell only for those who are a good fit for your offer, so you don’t have to worry about bad reviews coming from mismanaged expectations and refunds later down the line.

If you think you are a fit, please, reach out to me, I would love to hear more about your offer!

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